The members of Many Helping Hands would like to encourage everyone to purchase Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween.  Many thousands of children are trafficked and enslaved on cocoa farms in West Africa and the Ivory Coast.  These children are torn away from their families to work in abusive conditions.  But you can help.

The best way to fight this injustice is to buy Fair Trade chocolate.  When you buy Fair Trade, you can be assured that the farmers are being paid fair wages and that slavery and abusive child labor are not being used.  This Halloween, make the choice to give Fair Trade Chocolate.  You can find many Fair Trade chocolate companies online and have the chocolate shipped directly to you.  One place to buy is at – just click on Fair Trade Candy on the left.  They even sell the chocolate in bulk, so you can find two or three other people who want to purchase Fair Trade as well and go in on it together! 

How else can you help?  By spreading the word!  Encourage your friends and family to buy Fair Trade candy this Halloween (and beyond).  This year, the members of Many Helping Hands will be giving out reverse trick-or-treating flyers to those who come to our door (along with a piece of fair trade candy and some other non-chocolate candy or toys).  Some people use this flyer to give out to the houses that they trick-or-treat at as well.  Check out the flyer here –

We hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and we hope that, this year, an unprecedented number of people will be giving out Fair Trade chocolate.  Spread the word and we can really make a difference!!